My First Attempt And Conquest Of Pen Y Fan – The Most Dangerous Mountain In South Wales.

Yes it is the most dangerous mountain in South Wales. It is not so much about the terrain, but the weather is pretty unpredictable once you reach certain height. And I most definitely agree after my hike. More details later.

I have always wanted to hike up Brecon Beacons, even before I came to the UK. I had read in books that the SAS uses the Brecon Beacons as a venue for their selection process, something they called the Fan Dance. I just wanted to see why they chosen this place for that purpose. After living in the UK for 6-7 years now, I have finally done it. It was quite a hike I must say. Below are some photos to show you how it was.

I arrived at the carpark Pont Ar Dar, about 400 metres away from Storey Arms. This is known as the shortcut route, but more rocky and steep approach. I was told by a nice lady by the name of Carol (more story about her later), that she prefers the Storey Arms route more, a lot more, as it is a much nicer hike, and it is less crowded.

I also did some videos too.

How I hiked up this steepest slope on Pen Y Fan, from Pont Ar Dar starting point. Gosh it was interesting! And yes I need a gopro head mounted, next time.

This was the flat surface right after the steepest slope (the above video), because it was so opened, I was immediately faced with a 25-28 mph gust.

Right after the windy flat ground, it was time to make a decision, which path to go down from (first timer issue along with poor visibility). So took my phone out (GPS and Googlemaps still working) and went down a very steep slope down. Faced with another ascent right after. Fingers were pretty cold at that moment.

Ecstatic of course! Sense of relief. Achievement! Ok take some quick pics and find a suitable place for lunch. Opps not a good idea… Check out the next video to see why…

So I spent like under 10 minutes at the peak. When I planned for the hike, I wanted to eat my hot noodles (inside a thermos flask) at the peak. However, it was after I took off my glove to help a couple take a picture that I realised that I had to go.

My hand was so cold (numb) so quick (less than 20 secs) that I had to quickly wear my glove back on. I felt my face, and realised that my face was frozenly numb. It was even painful to touch.

Time to go. Hence the quick choppy video! I still have about 10-15 mins of such exposure, and the gust is getting stronger, getting colder and wetter. Salute to the SAS!!! Good bye Pen Y Fan. See you again in summer.

The Behavioral Effects Of Thirst, Hungry, Fatigue And Temperatures On Men

hungryMy observations: Andre and Chloe are the best companions with each other when they are both not hungry or tired. But when they are tired or hungry, they get grumpy and will be less patient with each other and starts to argue or fight over minor things.

It was this morning when I thought of it that I recalled that it is not just children who will be grumpy when they are hungry or tired. Even grown ups will too. You will never know until you experience it yourself.

I had the privilege to serve my country in the elite force of the army. And in my unit, I have seen, felt and learnt a lot. There were lots of days, where my buddies and I were wet, cold, tired, hungry and thirsty all at the same time. There were possibly equal amount of days that we were hot, dry (sometimes drenched in sweat), hungry, tired and thirsty.

Even though all these feelings are so different, they have one thing in common – They all tell you that you are still alive!! Now don’t get me wrong, it is not like you have not been alive and living, its just that it is when you are actually feeling these feelings that you will fully appreciate life and what you have on a normal decent day in your civilian life. That is when you know that you are very much alive feeling the hungry, fatigue or extreme temperatures, and yearn to continue to be alive and promising to live your life to the fullest after the training or ordeal.

You probably will see how movie directors and actors are trying so hard to depict these feelings in the characters of war movies, castaway movies, based on true story military movies and true-story survival ordeal documentaries. But nothing can compared to when you physically feel it yourself. That is so much more real!

Even after reading this post, you might not even fully understand why I am writing this, but those who went through the trainings that I went through will probably nod their heads as they are reading this, and some will possibly have a flash back into their days of feeling the extremes.

So what are the effects that I observed?

Behavioral Effects Of Hunger On Grown Men

Fortunately, I have not seen extreme hunger in my lifetime yet, so I have nothing to say on that.

– Fairly light hunger (missed one proper meal up to ~ 6 hours): grumpy, slow in doing routine things, not wanting to talk.
– Intermediate hunger (missed two proper meal up to ~ 12 hours): even more sluggish, not wanting to do anything but look for food.

Behavioral Effects Of Thirst On Grown Men

Dehydration can kill faster than hunger can. And in hot climates, your immediate survival depends on your water intake more than any other elements that I am discussing in this post. I personally went through the worst thirst ordeal ever in the 42 degree Celsius hot-as-hell Thailand. The thirst and desire for gallons of fresh water made me do things that I wouldn’t normally do. I took without asking. I also thought I was a human Swiss-Army knife.

I was looking for fresh drinkable water for hours to no avail, then I saw some sugar cane plants. With no knife or machete, I was trying all ways and means to break the sugarcane off the plant. Tried using sharp stones, karate chops, hoping to make the job neater but eventually I resorted to using my feet/boots to break the canes. It was a mess and I didn’t get a lot of water from it. I decided to stop.

– Dehydration/thirst: hallucination, desperate to do almost anything just to get drinkable water.

Behavioral Effects Of Fatigue On Grown Men

Now this is something that is very common felt during training. In a real world situation, we will never know how bad situation requires us to stay awake for. So during our training, it was good that we at least went through sleepless nights.

– staying up for over 24 hrs: you will possibly feel very numb by it, and actually feels that you can go on, but your response/reaction reflex is already slower by at least 20%. You might not be able to do slightly advanced mental arithmetic. May get hungry much more easier.
– staying up for over 48 hrs with some naps in between: waking up and staying awake after a cat nap is pretty difficult. You would choose to sleep more than eating even if you are very hungry. Easily disorientated, lost sense of direction, may hallucinate.

Again fortunately, I did not have to go to 72 hrs of sleep deprivation. But I have seen grown men with limited sleep past 72 hrs and up to 96 hrs. All I can say was that, these men seems very cheerful and happy when they were deprived of sleep that long. They were awake, but not sure if they could make a lot of sense in what they were doing at the particular moment.

Behavioral Effects Of Temperatures On Grown Men

During my service period, I was able to travel to other countries to train and I must say, it is a very good training practice to do so, as the training area is a lot larger, the climate can be a bit more extreme (compared to Singapore) and the terrains were more realistic.

– Cold: shivers, constantly thinking of hot drinks, unable to perform simple tasks at times, brain freeze, cannot feel fingers nor toes as much, grown men lying so close to each other just to stay warm, digs a hole and starts a fire when you are not supposed to.  Wondering if you are going to freeze to death, and thinking aloud inside, saying you rather it be hot than cold.

– Hot: sweating profusely until the point when you do not sweat at all, lethargic, frustrating, constantly looking for a cooler place to be in, starts to curse and swear and says you rather it be cold than hot… (yea, that’s what happens.)

I suppose people behaves differently outside their comfort zones, and how they react to it will depends on how well they can cope with the situation.

There is no wonder that, I have heard many times,

True friends are made/will unfold themselves in times of distress and extreme conditons.

You want to know who are your true friends are, go to a 5 days, 4 nights boot camp or extreme survival course with your friends..

Operation New Dawn

If you have been nodding and agreeing with my points, I am guessing that you have found a good bunch of true friends because you went through a lot of situations, whereby all of you were not in your comfort zones.

To those who are my true good friends because you gave me the best of you when you were outside your comfort zones.  I salute you! FHAG!

What You Want, Is What You Will Work Towards


“As a youth, John Davidson Rockefeller reportedly said that his two great ambitions were to make $100,000 and to live 100 years.”

“On September 29, 1916, John D. Rockefeller became the first person to ever reach a nominal personal fortune of US$1 billion.”

“Rockefeller died of arteriosclerosis on May 23, 1937, less than two months shy of his 98th birthday.”

Two things that probably sounds ridiculously impossible during his time, he had 2 amibitions. He overachieved one, excessively, and was 98% towards his target for the other one.

Morale of story: Think big, plan well and act bigger!

A Series Of Events That Are Happening In My Life Right Now

A series of events are happening in my life right now, constantly thinking about the best way to handle all these in short, mid and long terms.

Jack Ma seems to have given me some short answers that will lead to long term solutions. Very humble and inspiring person and story. A very good case story, of a person not giving up when the naysayers said he will fail, and his vision are not realistic.

I like his 3 points of why he feel that is important to the success of, and he explained it well.

1) They had no money, 2) they lack of understanding of technology and 3) they had no plans. (work as they tweaked better and better each time.)

Being pragmatic is not a good thing, it would means you will input realistic input and see realistic results.

Planting seeds and sharing them and sow it later.

Give thanks to people, environment, timing and luck that helps make your vision into a reality.

Take action and do something, work hard at it and plan along the way.

“WE can be bigger than big, if we focus our thoughts, efforts and plans towards the mission. Do not limit ourselves by what is realistic, plan for the ideal scenario, and work backwards for the “how-to” part to accomplish the mission.” – Allan Tan

Do watch it. I urge you.

My Mum Was Too Strong For The D Devil

Just woke up from a horrible dream. Part reality part fiction. Nevertheless very real in my dream, I got so angry and emotional over it.

In my dream, I was 6 yrs old, I have a fictional sister aged 3. My mum and dad (real ones) are having a divorce. Reason: my dad has fallen out of love with my mum, and has found a younger woman.

In the dream, I could really feel the emotions going all haywired. Even at 6 years old with my limited knowledge of vulgarities, I was swearing at my dad. But he didn’t seems to care.

One part of the dream was in the setting of a court. There is a new (old or fictional) ruling saying that for a divorce to be legal, the children of the couple (above 5 years old) must agree on the physical divorce to proceed. The magistrate announced, due to my unwellness, I was unable to attend the court hearing and therefore court adjourned.

The rest of the dream were just a continuation of the nightmare of a 6 yrs old. One of the scene was at a pub, where my dad was praised for going thru the divorce, statements and comments that no wives should ever have to hear.

Back to reality. My dad did do some (not just one) bad things during his lifetime that I thought were sufficient for my mum to leave him, but she didn’t. Right after my dad passed away, I asked her why she didn’t divorce my dad and her reply was…

“I didn’t do it because my children were too young, and it will hurt them.”

So in the end, she took all the pain and carried on to fulfil her role as a loving mother.


I love you Mother! You are the strongest woman I ever known! Thank you for protecting and looking out for our well being before yours.

If You’ve Never Failed, You’ve Never Tried Anything New

Just Do It… Let’s just do it. You will never know if you will fail or succeed until you actually take the first step to do something.

Do not follow blindly, and have the strength to question doubts that you may face.

No one can tell you that your dream is too big or not realistic. No one thought man could walk on the moon until one day man really did walk on the moon. Realistic is very subjective. One man’s reality could be someone else’s fantasy.

If you put a limit to what you can achieve through your thoughts, the max you will go is to reach your limit. Why put a ceiling to your potential? Why settle for less?


His Fiancé Died, Failed In Business, Had A Nervous Breakdown And Was Defeated In 8 Elections. – Abraham Lincoln

His other distinguishing trait was a rebellion against dogma. As a student, he incessantly questioned his textbooks and his professors. In frustration, one of his instructors concluded that he would never amount to much. – Albert Enstein

After being cut from his high school basketball team, he went home, locked himself in his room and cried. – Michael Jordan

She was demoted from her job as a news anchor because she… “Wasn’t fit for television.” – Oprah Winfrey

Fired from a newspaper for “lacking imagination” and “having no original ideas”… – Walt Disney

At age 11 he was cut from his team after being diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency… which made him smaller in stature than most kids his age. – Lionel Messi

At 30 years old he was left devastated and depressed after being unceremoniously removed from the company he started. – Steve Jobs

A teacher told him he was… “Too stupid to learn anything” and that he should go into a field where he might succeed by virtue of his pleasant personality. – Thomas Edison

Rejected by Decca Recording studios, who said “we don’t like their sound”… “They have no future in show business” – The Beatles

“If you’ve Never Failed, You’ve Never Tried Anything New”

Dream big, plan sufficiently and take bigger actions!

Two Weird Dreams

1) dreamt that i was working in a very tall  warehouse, with pallet rackings 7 decks high. I was driving an order picker (the type that lift u vertically up to reach the goods). I was 10 mins into the job and suddenly the vehicle stopped working. I was at the highest deck and it was starting to freak me a bit. I then decided to lay down on the pallet on the rack. Out of nowhere, my wife appeared, and told me the vehicle is working now and in a comical way rescued me.. hahhaaha…

2) I dreamt of my late father in SG home, he was a bit hostile in the dream. And he brought home several cats, which frankly irritates me. (I am totally not a fan of cats). They kept rubbing their furry bodies against my hairy legs. Absolutely did not enjoy that.

Summary: both my dreams are situations that  places me in very uncomfortable situations. What does it means???

When I Die, I Want To Leave A Legacy Behind

Not so much as financial but more of wisdom and some sort of contributions to the society, my friends and my family (future generations). That would tell me that I have led a meaningful life whilst living…

If I am lucky enough to be able to know that my days are numbered, I would want to organise my own funeral, have a happy pre death funeral party (pre-funeral or living funeral) to celebrate my living years than to grief over my death, and have some of my best friends and family (whoever is still alive) to read their eulogy of me to me, whilst I can still hear it and thank them for it.


“I find it hard to appreciate the eulogy being read out to at funerals, when it matters the most only between the person reading it and the person in the coffin. It should be heard and known to the person who is dead, whilst he/she is still alive.”

At this party, I would want everyone to remember of the happy memories that we shared. To remember the tough times that we went through and managed to grow stronger together. The achievements that we would have achieved together. The meaningful things that we have done together that would last a lifetime.

Just a thought that I had been thinking about many years ago and jotting it down… Have you thought about something similar before?

What legacy would you want to leave behind?

Facebook Is Down. Is It Hacked Or Major Upgrade?


Facebook is down, for the first time on a global scale!! Facebook seems to have gone down for a wide number of users across the globe. Many users can’t log in to the social networking site. On logging in to, a message appears that reads: “Sorry, something went wrong. We are working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.”

There is a “Go Back” button underneath this message that redirects users to the log in page, but when you try to log in again it shows the same message. The problem is not limited to the web app, even the Facebook app for Android is unable to load news feed.

Chloe Made Me A Card Full Of Hearts


Chloe made me a card today (no special occasion) And that is apparently me on the cover of the card.


Inside the card you can see lots of hearts of all colours and sizes. There are a few lines that she wrote in “Chloe’s Language”….


Disturbed Sleep And A Few Dreams

Didn’t manage to have a good night’s sleep last night, with the kids waking up one after another twice each.

In between I still managed to have a few dreams.

I dreamt that I was chatting and walking with my paternal grandma. I was speaking in our dialect, Teochew, talking about daily ramblings and stuff. I could feel her weight in the dream when I held her walking up a flight of steps.

In another dream, I was part of a 8 men covert real world deployment in country X. Mission was to destroy an installation and extract ASAP.

We managed to do the deed but ended up with really hot extract. However, miraculously there were no casualty.

A few other dreams but I do not recall them  now.. Need a pen and notepad by my bed next time.

A 20 Euro Cents Coin Kept Me Thinking – A Supermarket Carpark Scam?


This little 20 Euro cents coin that I found inside my grocery shopping bag made me ponder for awhile. How did it land inside that pocket where I put some £1 coins solely for shopping trolleys. The more I think, the more I got agitated. Really, I could have been conned!

The next thing I did right after I saw that coin was, to see if it is the same size as a £1 coin. I also put 2 £1 coins along with that euro coin and see if I could feel the difference. Guess what I found out?

The diameter of the 20 euro cents coin is possibly only 1 mm smaller, it definitely feels thinner.

I then did what most people in my situation would do… I tried to use that euro coin for the shopping trolley at Tesco. And effortlessly, I managed to pull the trolley off. Damn!! I definitely got conned!!

But why would someone do that?

My mind started to think on behalf of the person who did me a favor by saving me a few steps to get a trolley one fine day. Did he deliberately offered me his trolley with the euro coin inside, knowing that it was a 20 euro-cents coin in exchange for my £1??

Would someone with entrepreneurship, tried to do this scam just to make a quick buck or worse a living out of it? My business mind kicked in…


You see, as of today’s exchange rate, 20 euro cents can only buy you 17 pence. So each con act, will earn the scammer an easy profit of 83 pence. That is a 488% ROI. And if that person can do 50 such act a day, he or she could be making that’s a £41.50 net profit. That’s not an awful lot you may think, but multiply it by 30 days. That’s a £1245 non taxable income for this scammer. Wow. That’s not all, to maximize profits, he could get someone else to do the same at the same time, at the same venue. You can do the math.

Disclaimer: I am not encouraging anyone to do this scam on anyone, but please do take note when you want to save a few steps to get a trolley at your favorite supermarket next time. The money that you may potentially lose is much lesser than the frustration you will get. That’s all I am saying…. hehehehehaha.. Keep your eyes open!!

20 Euro-cents coin is 0.25mm smaller in diameter. And the pound coin is 1.01mm thicker.

I Made Chloe Cried Twice Today

You may think: Allan you are so horrible, why did you do that? Well, I did deliberately do some things that made her cry, but it is all part of learning for her. Allow me to elaborate.

I was chopping some onions and she came into the kitchen. I told her to stay away, and told her the reasons. She didn’t believe me when I told her the onions can make her cry, so I put some right in front of her. Of course she started to tear and didn’t even know why she was beginning to cry..


Spray Plaster
She had a fall at school today and she knew that if she has any form of graze on her skin, as long as its an open wound, I would use alcohol swab to clean the affected area. She told me she will clean it herself with some water instead of me cleaning with alcohol swab. After a quick scan, I thought its very superficial and mild, so I agreed. IT was painful for her but she did well.

Next she requested for plasters to protect her wound. Because it was on her knee (joint) I told her that conventional plasters will not help, and I suggested spray plaster. She said she will use it if she can spray it on herself. I agreed. Oh boy, she sure felt the pain there when she did it to herself.

I was proud of her. Knowing that its painful, but it is required to make her recover well. My precious daughter…

Bill Gates Is The World’s Richest Person Yet Again

Bill Gates managed to get back on top at Forbes world’s richest list based on a report by

Bill Gates has been on the top of the list, ever since I knew that such a list exist. Of course he didn’t top it for a few years, but now he is back on.

I have always wonder, how would it feels to be the world’s richest man. Does he feel threatened by possible kidnapping-for-ransom scenarios? Does he have an entourage of bodyguards? Who does he bank with, Swiss banks?? Does he go to the bank and ask the banker to show him $1 billion dollars in cash just for the sake of seeing how much volume is $1 billion dollars like?

I love his earth sheltering house.

Don’t Be A Slave To Your Knowledge

Today Chloe counted 1 to 100. Boy was I proud of her. Not only because she can count to a hundred, but more of her eagerness to learn, her patience and determination.

I said to her. “Daddy is very proud of you Chloe. Not because you can count, but because you are determined, wants to learn, tries very hard and have the patience to do it. I hope you will continue to grow with those virtues and pursue your dreams in the future and do what you truly enjoys passionately.”

Of course, after hearing all that, she went a bit quiet for a moment and tried to digest what I said, few seconds later, she asked, “Daddy, what are virtues, and I do not know what I want to do in the future, I don’t want to do that. I just want to stay with Mummy and Daddy.”

My precious daughter….

I went on to share with her, what I have learnt after 33 years of life. I told her that, no doubt, it is very important to be educated and learn academically in formal schools, it is also very important to acquire other skills that formal school does not teach as part of their syllabus. It is also important that she does not become a slave to acquire “the knowledge” just so that she can make a good living (income) out if it in the future. It is vital that she truly enjoys doing something that she can see herself do for a very very long time. To me that is very important for my children.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not encouraging my children not to go to school or not study. I am just trying to tell them, that there is life outside school and academic achievements. If they wish to become a doctor or a lawyer, I will tell them what they will need to achieve academically in order to become one.

I feel that exposure to as much as possible is good for them to at least have a feel. They should have some sort of choice when it comes to their future as well, don’t you think?

Have You Missed Your Flight Before?

We just missed our British Airways flight at an old Hong Kong Airport!! Adrenalin rushing whilst we tried to re-board the plane after disembarking for a toilet break for Andre. A lady was trying to guide us to the runway to board it but it was too late, the plane took off right above our heads. Damn… fortunately it was just a dream!!

The dream started as we board a British Airways flight, somehow for the second time, a home coming flight from Hong Kong to London. I was sitting next to Chloe on a row of four seats, Daisy with Andre somewhere else, in my dream, there were plenty of leg room, it might have been in the World Traveller Plus. I was showing Chloe the interesting folding table, which had a a couple of secret compartment where some mini toys were kept.

Somehow, the plane which was already cruising on the taxiway decided to stop by the terminal and its door was opened (pretty much like an MTR train door) allowing passengers to disembark for a quick toilet break. So without thinking about the strange occurance, as if we have done it before the four of us disembark from the plane.

Then it started to get exciting. Andre ran away from us, not listening to our verbal instructions. We had to run to get to him, which eventually we did within 10 secs. Phew.. But as we turned our backs to face the exit where we just disembark the plane from, the plane was no longer there. Damn I thought to myself, we have nothing on us, not evem our passports or money, everything was on the flight.

The next thing I did was approach one of the airport staff and told her our predicament. Not sure if it’s a typical HK or chinese thing, she started to spread our embarassed situation to some of her colleagues nearby as if she was saying, “Ha, another silly family that disembark a plane for a toilet break just before taking off time!”

Trying to make it back onto the plane desperately, I quickly interupted her little gossipy chat with her colleagues n asked, if it is still possible to board it before it take off. She gave it a good thought and said, there is still a small chance that we could. So she led us thru a passage.

It was indoor, and then outdoor, and the ground was wet and slippery. I was leading the way, it so seems as if I had been there before. I ran and I slipped, twice and each time I fell, it was at the corner-ed, turning edge of the path. Along the way, we passed 2 males (2 separate occasions). They were both dark, tall and very big.

As we walked we could see planes taking off. And eventually I saw a British Airways plane took off above our heads, and the lady confirmed that it was our flight.


Immediately my next response was, okay, fine , we have missed the flight, what can we do next? I mean we do not have out passports, money or luggages, is the airline going to fly our stuff back from London to HK, so that we can have our travel papers to identify ourselves. What are we going to do next? I remember I bought travel Insurance, I know that we will get compensated for “unable to continue onwards travel” and the policy numbers were 5810. I told the lady about the travel insurance and she made a call to the insurance company to get more information, and that was when the next tragic thing happened…… I woke up!!

Now, I will never know what happened and how such a situation could be resolved. Well it shouldnt happen anyways but I am sure it might have happened a couple of times some where.

Do you work in the airport and has anything like this happened before?

Andre Knows Krav Maga?

All along, I knew that Andre is a boy with high pain threshold, and he can be a bit rough when he plays with me. Sometimes I would be pinned down by our little 3 years old boy, and unable to move against his direction of force, and he seems to know which area he should use his force against me. It was to a point where I thought is Andre a Krav Maga master his last life.

One day he came home from nursery and told me that he does not like a particular boy from his class, reason being he kept chasing after Andre and he sometimes can be rough, and at some point will push Andre. I was initially very concerned, but I wasn’t sure what I should do.

Days past and I saw this bigger boy and Andre told me that this is the boy that kept chasing him. It was then that I thought, I should speak to the teacher, which I did, and the teacher reassured me that there shouldn’t be an issue, as she and her staff haven’t really noticed anything of that sort. Of course, as a parent, I thought, so did Andre lied?

Then came a birthday party and I knew I will be able to see how Andre plays with his friends and of course my eyes never left sight of that bigger boy (let’s call him B). Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t being nasty, I just wanted to see if Andre wasn’t lying about this chasing and pushing incidents.

Within minutes, I could start to see B was doing his routine, chasing, pushing and catching, and you can see that he is slightly rough and a real “boy”. He probably have more strength than his peers and even though he is genuinely playing, it looked like he was being aggressive. He did that to almost all his peers, so the good thing to me was, he wasn’t targeting Andre, and definitely he wasn’t being a bully, he is just a strong and rough boy.

I did see some incidents where our dear Andre was being pushed by him, and Andre did nothing about it, I was worried that, that is exactly what is happening in school. Then came the interesting incident. I witnessed a clash between B and my boy. I did not interfere when I saw it, as I wanted to know how Andre would react.

Basically B was chasing Andre and Andre ignore B’s chasing and B got annoyed and grabbed Andre’s wrist and also did a bit of a push to get Andre’s attention. Andre fell on the bouncy castle, and hurt himself. The next thing Andre did was the surprise bit. I am not sure if you will approve of it, but I personally thought it was a good retaliation.

Andre went down on B and pinned him down. B was totally surprised by Andre’s move, and B didn’t know what to do. B started to scream for help. Knowing that Andre is good at pinning people down, especially an adult like me, I ran over and break them off. Andre then started to cry (I did raised my voice a bit). B tried to explain to me what happened and I told B, that I saw what happened, and said to both of them, I do not want to see them play like this again. They both went separate ways and both were ok then.

In the back of my mind, I was actually very relieved and glad that Andre knows when to retaliate and how to retaliate. Andre knows self defence.. he probably instinctively taught himself some Krav Maga … who knows!?

Trauma by N’to – (Worakls Remix)

This video plays one of the current favorite song of my playlist. It is Trauma by N’to (Worakls Remix).

It is one of my energy songs at the moment. It gives me energy when I play it, and I would actually feel empowered because my subconscious mind will bring me back to where I heard this song from.

This is a super energetic song, in the gym and in the car, even when I wash the dishes, enjoying my evening coffee. Yes despite my healthy lifestyle and diet, I still indulge in my caffeine input.

Enjoy my playlist here.

How Old Are You?

The children were asking how old everyone is in the extended family.

A: How old is Daddy?
D: I am 33 years old.
C: How old is your Daddy, Ye Ye?
D: He is already dead, children.
C: I mean when he was still real life.
D: You mean while he was still alive, just before he died. He was 55. *pointing 55 on their numbers chart.


It was then I realised that it is almost 7 years since he has gone. Time flies…

It also made me realised that no one is indispensable, because we have learnt to live without him. It sounds bad but at least that made it feel easier to grief I guess.

After going thru numerous griefs up till now, I always tend to tell others to treasure the present companionship of their loved ones, because that is what counts and matters.

珍惜现在, 宝握未来!

Which in English reads

Cherish the present, utilise the future!

Learn How To Get More Facebook Likes To Your Fanpage

Whilst doing research for my work, I recently stumbled upon a person who can get amazingly crazy amount of facebook likes to any business’s fanpage at incredibly low budget. That is something very new to my knowledge and it was fascinating, as I could see what it can possibly do for my businesses. And today thinking about it, it still gives me adrenalin rush…


I have since decided to engage him to help consult and start our campaigns. Will update on this one on this blog again. Watch this space.

Had A 5 Days Break From Gym n Swim

Last week, had to break off the routine of gym and swim due to family commitments and Chinese New Year (i know, no excuses). Did some statics (HIIT) during my free mins last week though.

Today got back into routine, started with a warmup run and i noticed improvements on my muscles. I could lift 65kgs comfortably, I could run a higher speed for a longer period, (was at 11 kph, but now can do 12.5kph for at least 3.5mins).

I know some of you may think that its nothing, but it is a big improvement for the current me. My target is to be able to do 16 kph consistently for 9 mins. So give me time and it will happen in 2014. Did it before, so will definitely do it again.

Whoo-ya!! FHAG!!

Playing Football With Simon Pegg

I just woke up from a dream. I was playing passing (a football) with Simon Pegg and another celebrity who looks like the late Paul Walker.

The place where we played together was in an enclosed field that is part of MRT’s land near Ang Mo Kio Mrt Station.

We were very close to the MRT train tracks.

The dream is as always bizarre, nevertheless I enjoyed the dream…

Time to wake up now! Rise and shine!

Facebook Look Back – What Have You Been Doing For The Past Years

Dear families and friends,

What have you been doing for the past few years? You know what, Facebook has it all figured out.. Go to and you will see their new innovation – Facebook Lookback.


“Time travels faster than you can count 1-100 sometimes.”

Here’s my Facebook movie. Find yours at

What Happens Inside A Leisure Centre’s Changing Room On A Weekday Morning?

The following are some of the things that happen in a leisure centre’s changing room on a weekday morning.

i) two 70+ years old gentlemen, discussing about their weekends, their medicines, treatments, appointments at the hospital, bragging about their “hey days” stories, simple stuff in life.

ii) some people who prefers one locker unit than the other.

iii) lost and found items: goggles, towels, running shorts, hair bobbles (careless Daddies maybe).

iv) man doing a full grooming session – brushing teeth, shaving, scrubs face, wash hair, showers, cleans ears, cuts nostril hair.

v) man flexing muscles in front of mirror after a gym or intense swim session. (Definitely me!)



Shameless…. But hey, be proud of yourself right!

Inspiring Short Clips Made Into One Music Video

Just thought this video was inspiring and my take home was, you can achieve a lot of success if you are not bounded by fears, and overcome by the passion that you have. Oh and did I say, at the same time, having lots of fun!!

Its time you find your passion, utilizes it, and overcome your fear to achieve your success, and enjoy doing it!

Editing and Selection: Zapatou (Luc Bergeron)

Music: N’to – Trauma (Worakls Remix) (inside my music playlist now, its awesome listening to it in the car, if your sound system is fab!)

2 Main Fears That Hold You Back – For Me It’s 3

There are plenty of fears and excuses that hold us back from becoming what we want to be, whether it’s a career or just life in general, but success and failure is a choice.

To me, I think there are 3 main fears that really held me back

     1) disappointment for my loved ones if it fails.
     2) fear of failure, what would happen if I fail.
     3) fear that if I fail, the people that I love  will lose that love for me.

I just saw some educational (turns out to give me motivations) videos from Jordan Belfort (the real Wolf of Wall Street), played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie, The Wolf of Wall Street

The videos gave me more inspirations more than education, but I did learnt quite a bit. These videos does give you more knowledge about the man himself, and what caused him to want to be rich and successful, and what caused him to fall from such height of success. Pretty inspiring I would say.

So he said in the video, understand your fear and accept that it is there, learn to face it. I would like to add to his comment.

“Understand your fear and accept that it is there, learn to face it, live with it and let it work positively for you and your goals.”

So retrospecting about the fears that I have, its actually a bit ridiculous, because I know that the people that care and love me, will not leave me even if I am a poor old man. And if we live life thinking about what bad/disastrous things that could happen unto us, then would it be worth living?

“Calculate the risks but think positively for the outcome.”

Do You Pant In The Shower Room After A Good Workout?

To me, if you do not pant after the workout, its not really a good workout. If you do not sweat more than a usual walk in a park, its not a great workout.

If you feel sick (vommit) after a first workout, you are on the right track, do not give up.

If you have aches after a workout, you are on the right track, do not give up.

Going to the gym is for yourself, focus on your own goals than on what other people are doing, i.e the weights that they are lifting.. Focus on your own goals.

Have a great workout!!

Inspired By Joe Cross And Phil Staples Fat, Sick And Nearly Dead

Just watched Joe Cross and Phil Staples in the health-conscious movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead on Netflix, and it kind of help to reiterate the need and purpose to eat healthily in our household.

Just to clarify 2 points.

1) We (DnA) are not obese, nor are our children (CnA). So we do not need to lose weight dramatically, at least not like Joe Cross or Phil Staples in that movie.

2) We eat pretty healthily as it is, just not as “clean” as we would like to. So they have really gave really good information on some nutritional facts.

So, I plan to implement juicing and eating more micronutrients centric food.

Below is a trailer on that reality movie.

Further Read:

Fat Loss Factor

Tonight’s Dinner


Inspired by Joe Cross, I decided to juice healthily for our dinner. I made the Mean Green from the movie. It tasted ok. I am actually one of those people who likes to drink fresh juice so it helps.

After drink half a serving and eating half the pulp each, we both felt really full. Let’s see how long this meal can last us.

“Mean Green” Recipe: 4 stalks of celery, 1 cucumber, half a lemon, ginger root (size of your thumb), 6-7 Kale leaves, 2 Green Apples.

I added some blueberries on top that is not part of the recipe.

Updated: It lasted us the whole night, and I could feel that my body is detoxing as well. We shall juice again tonight, but accompanied with cooked food.